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The Team

The Team

This is Our Team - They are Wonderful and Unique - We are Grateful For Them

Dedicated to Clarissa Moreno & Lauren Smilie - Both Founding Members of ACW - Their Legacy is Permanent 

Autism Care West

Charles Marriott, BCBA, LBA

Clinic Director, Founder & Owner

Charles began his career working with families and their children with Autism in 2004 and never looked back; he earned his B.A. in Psychology from Loyola Marymont University with honors in 2004 before completing his Masters in Special Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Autism Care West was founded in 2009 to continue realizing his vision for helping children with Autism reach their unique potential using ABA methodologies.

Autism Care West

Yelena Marriott, M.A.

Operations Director & Owner

Although not involved in treatment Yelena is a crucial part of the Autism Care West team that you will interact with over the phone and who you will receive many emails from during the intake scheduling process. She's a wizard with logistics and everyone adore's her - especially the founder. Yelena is in charge of the company's systems supports and information technology, as well as personnel departments. She holds a Bachelors degree from Franklin Pierce University, NH, and MA from University of Las Vegas, NV. Yelena is also an officer in the military.

Autism Care West

Chantal Rainford, BCBA, LBA

Assistant Clinic Director

Chantal is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst licensed in the state of Nevada working in the field of ABA & Autism since 2008. Chantal earned her Masters in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University where she learned to become proficient in using the most innovative assessment and treatment strategies in the field from Dr. Mark Dixon; she is also adept with implementing ACT and AIM. She is passionate about delivering high quality ABA to children with special needs, going beyond mainstream ABA improving the efficiency and impact of therapy hours.

Autism Care West

Alexander Lindamood, BCBA, LBA

Alex joined our family in 2015 and has special interests in healthy lifestyle choices and activity-based additions to ABA services by incorporating mindfulness and the practice of Yoga; this also includes an interest in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Alex has a very calming disposition with a great laugh and is always smiling.

Autism Care West

Kara Wilson, BCaBA, LaBA

Kara joined our family in 2009 and is particularly interested in cognition and language development through the theoretical frame work of Relational Frame Theory as opposed to Verbal Behavior. Kara's interest in this area makes her highly proficient with the PEAK (Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge) assessment and curricula; Kara's interests also include Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for those individuals who require mental flexibility and emotional regulation advancements.

Autism Care West

Cynthia Gomez, BCaBA, LaBA

Cynthia joined our family in early 2020 and brings many assets to the ACW supervisory team. Cynthia is particularly interested in family guidance & parent education, making her an asset to the families that we serve. Cynthia is an avid coffee drinker with a bright smile and a great giggle; she is very playful and a lot of fun to work with.

Autism Care West Invests Significant Resources Training & Caring For Our Team - We're a Happy Group