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Improved Lives

Improving lives means different things to different families. We will help your family achieve what it means to you and more in a professional and targeted way.

From the Sterrett Family, 2015 

A year has gone by since Aaron finished his ABA program. There's been a lot of progress since then. He tries very hard to speak clearly, though he's still nonverbal. His behavior in his new school continues to be good. He's won several awards in this school. I don't thinking any of this could have been possible, if it weren't for the building blocks that have been established through Autism Care West. 

I can remember Charles' first session with Aaron as it were yesterday. He sat Aaron down and connected with him in a way that no one else has done before. All of a sudden, I could see the person inside that little boy's body. The hope inspired me, at the moment, and has stayed with me to this day.

Those six years of Aaron's ABA therapy was like a slow moving, wonderful dream, getting better each day. The efforts of Charles and Autism Care West's interventionists developed a strong working relationship with Aaron and his parents. The staff was well trained, knowledgeable and consistent in their approach to our son's program. I sincerely believe Charles was the right person, at the right time, to come into Aaron's life to make this happen.

I look at Aaron today, and I see the fruits of Charles and his team's labors. We joined them on an autism walk some years ago, at the UNLV campus. The T-shirts for that walk had the slogan, "Improving Lives". That's not just a slogan; it's a commitment that Charles and his team have followed, without fail. On behalf of our family and every parent that had opportunity to work with Autism Care West, God bless you for all you have done for our children.

From the Lee Family, 2015

In 2010 our son was diagnosed with autism, he was 3 years old. After hearing and reading the results of the diagnoses we were devastated, in the report we received it stated that our son was severely autistic, non-verbal and was placed in the mentally retarded category.

In 2011 we met Charles Marriott from ACW and never looked back. Through a series of assessments Charles created an individualized treatment plan to address the various challenges our son faced. 

Fast forward 4 years, our son is 8 years old and talking. He is an intelligent, friendly, loving, caring child, an awesome big brother and a great student. He is in a general education classroom 97% of the school day. He has overcome many of the challenges that are associated with ASD and continues to do so. This was made possible because of the experience, dedication, respect, understanding, patience, love, and the attention to details of Charles and his amazing team of ABA interventionists at ACW. They possess all the necessary qualities and qualifications that our family needed to take on the challenges of ASD. Charles and his team came into our home, changed our lives and gave us hope.  

We will forever be grateful to Charles and his team at ACW especially our wonderful ABA interventionist Lauren, for all they have done and continue to do for our son to prepare him for a bright and limitless future.  ACW is “improving lives” and that is the truth

From the Linden Family, 2013
The BEST! – Two of my boys that fall under the Autism Spectrum have been receiving ABA through Autism Care West. Over the last year we have had MANY gains that are all thanks to Charles (owner) and the interventionists that we have had on this journey. If you need ABA for your child(ren), I would DEFINITELY contact ACW! :)

From the Huffton Family, 2012

We have done ABA with other local providers here in Las Vegas, along with multiple other therapies. My husband and I have been so impressed with how Autism Care West approaches ABA and autism therapy becuase of how very flexibile they are. They always find a way to address our concerns and make changes that allow our program to be consistent with our value system. Other providers in this town would never be so flexible and we often fought with our previous one. Autism Care West is an amazing team!

I am so happy we made the switch to Autism Care West!

From the Coleman Family, 2011

We have done ABA in the past, along with multiple other therapies with our son Lincoln and I have never been so impressed with a company. Autism Care West is an amazing team! Our consultant, Joe Melarkey is outstanding. He truly wants to help our child and family as a whole, he is so patient and understanding.

He is very open and flexible to any suggestions by the parents and tutors. Lincoln has progressed so much since he started with Autism Care West. His communication skills have increased along with his clarity and his all around his ability to handle frustrating situations. Lincoln is able to learn at an amazing pace, due to their time and efforts.

I am so happy we gave ABA another chance! I love this group!

Thank you,

The Coleman Family

From the Dell’Orto Family, 2010

In July of 2009 our Daughter Giovanna was diagnosed with Autism just before her 4th birthday. We were concerned with her delayed speech development, her difficult behavior, and her inability to interact with other children as well as other concerns. We never considered that she may have autism, and it was a devastating revelation to hear those words, but also in a way a great relief. We finally had a name for it, and something we could identify and attack. We started reading, and researching everything we could about autism and what we could do about it, and we started reaching out to friends and others who had a shared experience. This is how we came to find out about Autism Care West. We met Clarissa who had been an ABA therapist for our friend’s daughter, and ultimately had Charles come to our home for a consultation.

We watched in amazement while Charles interacted in a way with Giovanna that she responded to immediately, and what was even more incredible was she was happy to do it. Charles was able to get Giovanna to react and answer to things that we would spend frustrating hours trying to accomplish. After several weeks of considering what direction to go for Giovanna we decided that Autism Care West was our best option to help our daughter, and in November of 2009 we started working with Charles, Clarissa, and their team on a program specifically designed for Giovanna.

After 4 short months and Giovanna’s improvement has been fantastic. She is beginning to answer questions in full sentences, and can identify many subjects on a level in line with her typical peers. Giovanna is more expressive, interacts with other children better, and seems to conquer new goals every day. We realize we still have a long way to go, but we are confident we made the right choice with Autism Care West. They truly are caring, and patient professionals that are personally invested in their work with our daughter. We are happy to recommend Charles and Clarissa, and the Autism Care West team to anyone seeking a way to help their child learn and develop their own unique abilities.


Matt & Monica Dell’Orto

Time line - Jul. 2009 – Diagnosed / Sep. 2009 – Initial Assessment / Nov. 2009 – 1st workshop

From the Vaughn Family, 2009

Charles became a member of our family the first day he walked into our home on June 24, 2006 for our initial workshop. Our daughter, Ryan, was diagnosed with autism at 3 ½-years. We were devastated. Her development seemed to just stop and at 2 ½-years she could only speak in two and three word sentences with very poor articulation. She was completely non-compliant, non-conversational and could not even tell us what her name was or how old she was when we asked her. Transitions were extremely difficult for her and she protested and had tantrums anytime a demand was place on her.

Within a month of beginning ABA, Ryan could tell us her name and how old she was. When Charles was teaching her it was extraordinary. He connected with her on a level that even we, as her parents, had not connected with. We had been trying to get her to say her name and how old she was for a year! Charles has incredible intuition and when Ryan had difficulties with a program, he was able to figure out the problem and correct it quickly. We knew Ryan was very intelligent but autism was affecting her cognitively and we were extremely concerned about her future academics.

Charles attended our IEP's, which made such a huge difference for us. He put us at ease during very difficult IEP's because we knew he would get what Ryan needed. Our IEP team told us on numerous occasions how much they respected Charles’ commitment to his kids and his professionalism. He also collaborates with Ryan's Neuro-Psychologist to ensure continuity of programs across school and home. Before Ryan was born, we had planned on her attending private Christian school at our church. After the diagnosis, we thought that dream was beyond reach. Today, Ryan is in third grade at our church’s private Christian school, in the upper one third of her class, has many friends and is completely indistinguishable from her peers.

Charles is the reason she is excelling academically. He has an absolute God given gift. The combination of treating her medical issues with biomedical treatments and having Charles as our consultant gave us our daughter back. There is not a word strong enough to describe how grateful we are to Autism Care West for continuing to supervise our ABA program. Obviously, we love Charles as a member of our family but it transcends even that. Ryan is blessed to have not only one, but two very important men in her life: the best Daddy ever and Charles, the man who brought her back to us. She will be dancing with both of them at her wedding.

From an Anonymous Family, 2009

In 2007 our lives were devastated when the reality of our children’s delays were diagnosed as autism. As a distraught mother I immediately began seeking out more information on how to help our children overcome this silent and devastating disability. I spent many hours on the Internet reading about various interventions and going to support groups and meeting other mothers that helped me navigate through the daunting task of choosing the right interventions. I continually came across ABA therapy and was unsure what it was until another mother convinced me it was the therapy I needed to get in place immediately since she credited ABA for recovering her daughter.

When Charles first explained ABA it was sometimes difficult for my husband and I to understand how it would work so well to help our boys, but when we actually saw the programs administered using a method of teaching that breaks down the task to a concrete learning method it made so much sense. My oldest son is now almost 7 he started ABA when he was 4 years old and lost his diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome at age 6. Autism Care West’s ongoing supervision of our ABA program continues to provide a lot of benefit to him and the quality of life for our family.

My youngest son started ABA with Charles as our supervisor when he had just turned 3 years old and he is now 4 ½ years old and is quickly catching up to his typical peers. In 1-½ years he has made an incredible amount of progress in speech, learning and his fearful and defiant behaviors have diminished. I see so much typical behavior from him now and it gives me a lot of hope that he will recover from autism. ABA is a huge commitment that brings many rewards to a lot of people, first and foremost our ASD children, but also our family, friends, and ABA team. For this we are thankful to have Autism Care West in Las Vegas.

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